A Freak’s Fortune: the farce of the “hate crime”

After reading and hearing about this recent news story of England – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-22018888 – I immediately started thinking again about how the idea of a “hate crime” and the legal issues surrounding it is an outrageous mockery of any idea of justice and punishment, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there are the huge problems that already exist, and have done for a long time, regarding hate crime prosecution. Just as blacks, Muslims, Jews, the disabled etc. get special treatment through Affirmative Action when looking for work, these poor minorities are given special treatment where the law is concerned. Apparently being beaten up because you are black, Jewish, a Muslim, transexual or disabled is so much worse and more despicable than being beaten up by a similar thug for (apparently) no real reason at all. Apparently having a “hateful” motive makes you a much worse and much more dangerous criminal than someone who just beats people up or rapes people when he feels like it. Now however, as is already the case to some extent, being a freak has greater benefits too. If you go against nature, defile your body and disgrace your parents by having a sex-change this means that someone would stay in prison for longer for beating up or raping you than they would for doing the same to a normal, decent human being for “no reason”, the same for those who apparently are much more immoral and dangerous for disapproving of unnatural, defective homosexuals than those who attack others for “no reason”. Now the liberal morons of this country want to take it to even greater extremes – if you belong to a so-called “subculture”, go out of your way to attract attention to yourself and look ridiculous, try as hard as you can to look like the opposite sex, a dead person or whatever, this also supposedly makes any crime against you much more despicable. Yes, many of these cases people being cruelly beaten up (often to death) “for a reason” are indeed tragic, but why should they be considered any more unacceptable than unprovoked violent crime in general?

And this is where the plot thickens: what immunity and special treatment will be given to those beaten up or raped for having other “alternative” views and belonging to undesirable sub-cultures? If a black man or a Muslim beats up a white man, will this be considered a hate crime? More to the point, if they beat up or rape a European openly proud of their culture (now driven underground as a “subculture” itself), will this be considered a hate crime? Apparently attacking a man who devoutly follows a religion that supports abuse, murder and rape of women, the abuse and rape of children, and hates basically everyone else, is a completely despicable hate crime, yet when someone attacks the wrong kind of racist, one of those horrible, “bigoted” Europeans, when someone mocks their culture and tramples on it, will the law care? Of course not. This is just another clear example of the atrocious cultural and ethnic cleansing of Europe, where freaks, mongrels and retards are untouchable, with special rights, and normal, intelligent, decent, chaste and hard-working Europeans will be more and more ignored as the situation worsens.