About Mímisbrunnr

A case for Ôðalism or Þēodism


I comment regularly on Varg Vikernes’ blog Thulean Perspective , which is a treasure trove of wisdom and enlightenment, and it is from this that my inspiration to write one of my own came. Varg calls his interpretation of real paganism as Ôðalism, i.e. the religion of our heritage, our ancestry, our homeland, the Ôðal rune best represents our core values and all that we hold dear. I also think that, from “Þēodisc”,  Þēodism is a good alternative too, literally “folkish” or “of the people” (from the same root as “Deutsch” and “Dutch”). So this is too an Ôðalist blog, and I will reblog posts that stand out by fellow Ôðalists and add them to my recommendations and links pages.

Born in the winter of 2012 in southern England, this blog is intended to be a “Mímisbrunnr” or “Mimir’s well” of sorts; my thoughts in relation to “pagan culture”, and importantly history, and the relation of both to our rotten modern world and the future.

This is a serious blog with a serious motivation to understand real paganism, not the hocus pocus new age wiccan garbage made trendy in the US. I’d like to be encouraged by any pagan group or community, but the sad truth is relatively few understand what it is really about, most either merely taking it at face or even entirely reconstructing it out of their own imagination with out a care in the world for the original traditions, and few understand just how much depth and wisdom there is in this culture of supposed “savages” and “pillagers”.





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