“Institutional Racism”

Many may have already seen David Duke’s excellent commentary on the Martin/Zimmerman case, as seen here:

I will also take this opportunity to draw attention to Stefan Molyneux’s less emotive/politically motivated but more detailed video on the topic, which is spot on as well:

This case, even though ZImmerman isn’t really white anyway but mixed-race, can be related to all accusations of “institutional racism” we have to deal with all the time. Aside from making Europeans in general seem like inherently bigoted, ignorant thugs and villains, it’s also an insult to the intelligence and experience of these policeman who do know the statistics, who have to deal with the people who commit these crimes. It isn’t a crime to arrest someone, who has commited a crime, because they happen to be black.



Thulean Perspective

ItalianoMagyar. Spanish.

Missionaries are strangely enough often talked about in positive terms here in Europe, but I think we should all open our eyes and see what these people really are and what they really do.

Europe was Christianized with force; bribes, threats, deceit, treachery, torture, brainwashing and murder. Christians chopped down our sacred groves and burned down our temples, and were even sanctified for this. They then built their own temples (alias churches) on the European sacred sites, where our sacred groves and temples used to stand, to ensure that no Pagan temples would ever be built there again, and no archeological work should ever be carried out there. (And then they criminalized the type of behaviour that had enabled them to Christianize Europe in the first place.)

In France one of the worst of these genocidal maniacs is celebrated as Charlemagne, “Charles the…

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