“In the Minority”: The Reality of Zionism

After being simply dismissed as a “bigot”, a “vile racist” or a “daily mail reader”, the most common reply over here to one’s rants about Jewish supremacy and the damage done by the hordes sent our way by Israel is that, be it about Islamists, African gangsters and thieves and indeed the Zionists themselves is that they make up a “tiny minority” of the total population of the ethnic group in question. This is perhaps most commonly heard over here in relation to Muslims; we are used to black “British” thugs wreaking havoc in our run-down cities where the catastrophic failure of multiculturalism can be seen in all its “glory”, but even our state-owned, Zionist media struggles to sugarcoat and distort the reality of the presence of Islam and its degenerate followers in Europe. This article by a surprisingly aware journalist highlights a particularly disgusting case in England that was swiftly swept under the carpet and not mentioned again:


As those of us who have woken up will know, basically all cases of gang rape ans sex trafficking are carried out by Muslims, and a majority of isolated rape cases in addition to this, and even our state-owned propaganda channels were forced in the end to speak to the mother of a victim in this case, who, reluctant to seem racist (as most people are now, even those who have experienced reality first-hand), could not ignore the relationship between this case and the way Muslims view not just white women, but women in general. But of course, this was just a ruse – to give the usual impression that middle-aged and elderly people are “dinosaurs” and racist “bigots”, as said by our former wet blanket of a prime minister here,  that such “motormouths” who do actually complain about these issues and are shown complaining about these issues on the propaganda channels have no idea what they are talking about and “need to get with the times, man” and “embrace diversity” and all that nonsense. Immediately after this case was discussed on the report I saw and the mother in question was interviewed, they had the predictably unbalanced panel discussion involving a treacherous British hippie moaning about how this could lead to racial hated, then an Islamic cleric or a member of some Islam rights group arguing very unconvincingly that this “not an Islamic problem” but a problem with “the way modern culture views women” – yes, “modern culture” i.e. one polluted and dominated by subhuman trash who have zero respect for women and Europeans at all. We are told time and time again when our women are brutally raped, and often murdered too (warning: this is an incredibly disturbing and tragic story, especially if you stumble upon the related images) that such Muslims are “in the minority” and that Islam itself preaches peace, love, equality etc. (conveniently the “values” our government tries and fails miserably to uphold). The countless crimes committed by the hordes are every time downplayed, often completely ignored, by both the media and authorities, white people who are victims of foreign racism are laughed at, and we can tell that the “poor, persecuted minorities” receive less harsh prison sentences (less harsh than the already liberal normal ones, and MUCH less harsh than those placed upon white people found guilty of “hate crimes” )….

Yet when it suits our politicians, or rather, when it suits Israel, the classic, macabre “BREAKING NEWS” false flag operation is staged. Having done their best to demonise any critics of both Jews (especially) and the Muslim refugees Israel’s killing sprees and forced evictions send in our direction, having made such an effort to make Islam “British” (or Britain Islamic?), our politicians and their propagandists suddenly decide that an often staged and fictional incident is a “terrorist attack”. First this happened with the undoubtedly staged Sandy Hook “massacre”, and now it has happened again with the likely staged Woolwich Attack (see here and here), and with the possibly staged (?) incident in Paris. Of course, our politicians, like the crypto-Jew and Rothschild David Cameron, tell us to “carry on as usual” to stand up to “terrorism” (i.e. continue to drift in apathy while they fight Israel’s wars), and our media and Muslim groups and representatives assure us that such people “do not represent” Muslims as a community – in other words, such savage and brutal (alleged) acts are committed not by normal Muslims, but by dissidents. This would of course explain why news channels decided to broadcast videos of the alleged killer ranting (honestly) about how our governments murder people in the middle east every day in front of their women, this could just be another red herring or double bluff.

Regardless, while our politicians gun down and lock up Islamic “terrorists” as they see fit (as shown here – Theresa May’s mother by the way has the very uncommon and very Jewish first name of “Zaidee”…worth considering in addition to Cameron?) we are still scorned and even arrested for “inciting racial hatred” and pointing out the problems that a staged murder of one man draws attention to in the first place. As a result of attacks, regardless of whether they are completely staged or real attacks carried out by hired hands (i.e. Mossad agents), these Zionists can kill two birds with one stone – they can round up any vocal anti-Zionists of Islamic background (potential “terrorists”), Muslims that do actually stand and fight against the real enemy (even if they couldn’t care less about the civilian casualties), on behalf of Israel, as well as potentially invading more countries on behalf of Israel in reaction to any “discoveries” made in the aftermath, and they can also use this as an excuse to even more ruthlessly spy on and arrest all kinds of racists, nationalists and patriots, both good and bad, even if they are doing nothing more than pointing out that Islam causes problems.  And, of course, the media are quick to publish any and all pictures and videos of the Zionist “patriotic” football hooligan thugs in the EDL as soon as they can, so the brainwashed masses will think all racists think, talk and behave in the same way.

This also, of course, relates to the recent riots in Sweden, naturally started by Muslims. The media of course distort this too, saying this is caused by “racial inequality” (oh the “poor Muslims”, they only behave this way because the intensely liberal states of Sweden and Britain treat them so badly…), and when the police are ordered to do nothing other than put parking tickets on burnt out cars, forcing those who actually care about Europe’s future to intervene, resulting in these “horrible, thuggish” nationalists, as usual, taking the blame for a lot of the damage, being arrested etc. for trying to do the job that the police (i.e. the government, led by part-African and part-Jew Reinfeldt ,who has actually stated that his attitudes toward immigration come from this mixed ancestry) failed to do.

Good though the police’s intentions may be, when they are forced to stand around doing nothing and, after actually doing their job, slammed for “institutional racism” and “police brutality”, as perfectly stated here by Varg Vikernes, they are at the end of the day working for the government’s interest. We must show that, yes, we are aware of the damage caused by Muslims, but also that we are not going to play their game, that we know that they are responsible for these destructive, raping, thieving, murdering thugs (“in the minority” though, of course…) being here in the first place, we must show them that though the Muslims certainly are not welcome here, they, the Zionist rats, are not welcome anywhere, including the Islamic countries they invade to drive these people into our lands in the first place.

There is the frequent claim that Zionism is a “modern movement” that carried on from the 1800s among extremist writers and later, under the likes of crime boss Netanyahu, ruling elites, and when we speak of a historic Zionist legacy – of the Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, and Strauss-Kahn bankers, of the Freemasons that founded the United States of America, of those “serving the Holy Land” that formed the Knights Templar and ran European leaders into vast debt and practiced ritual murder, we are dismissed as delusional, “antisemitic” conspiracy theorists, David Ickes, lost in this “far-right” fantasy world that is supposedly not connected to reality, to the “need to adapt” and “integrate”.

We know better, and the more bizarre, conveniently timed and sloppily staged events like this happen, the more people will start to wake up.


7 thoughts on ““In the Minority”: The Reality of Zionism

  1. A stellar article!

    I’ve heard the “tiny minority” argument before, but that doesn’t seem to thwart them from making up a considerably sized percentage in UK crime statistics. Also, there’s a “tiny minority” of Jews in America yet up to a third of student bodies in some American universities (namely N.Y.U.) consist of Jews. Besides, the non-white population in the UK is growing at an alarming pace. They won’t be a tiny minority for much longer at this rate.

    That case is sickening, but sadly, not surprising. It’s been happening to untold numbers of young girls all over Britain. Shame on the fathers of those girls. Their fear of being branded racists or facing a hate crime sentence has overwhelmed them and turned them into PC wimps. If it was my daughter being gang-raped commonly by hypersexual desert-monkeys I’d want to kick down doors and lop off some heads. “How modern culture views women.” Wow. What a cripplingly intelligent assertion. This is why I hate watching the news, sometimes I almost find myself yelling obscenities at the television because the points and arguments made therein are laughable. As you said, “modern culture” is polluted by degenerates. Or rather, it was crafted by them to begin with. Anyone with a shred of intelligence and/or pride wants nothing to do with it. Besides, “modern culture” is not Islam. Each has no bearing on the other. We’ve seen countless rapes, murders and other heinous crimes by Muslims in the past 50 years but they spare no effort in attempting to convince us that each and every single one was committed by some kind of maverick. Shite. Islam might very well preach peace and love and so forth amongst it’s own kind, but in relation to us I believe the Qur’an said, “I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so cut above the necks, and cut every finger of them!” They hate us, and they essentially enslave women, so their presence here is a recipe for disaster if I’ve ever seen one.

    I can’t seem to arrive at a solid conclusion regarding the Woolwich attack. It’s a staged incident, in one way or another, that much I’m certain of. However, I’m unsure of what they really wanted from it. Regardless of what outcome they wanted, I see four that will happen either way:

    •Strife between us and the shitskins, further instigated by their drooling lapdogs, the EDL. Not to mention it might also draw more people to a membership position within the Zionist EDL.
    •Legal rights to invade the privacy of the people in Britain (evidently, there’s debate regarding the implementation of the Communications Data Bill).
    •Sympathy and support for the Israeli proxy army (i.e. the British Armed Forces) and their actions in the Middle East. Maybe they’re gathering support for another invasion?
    •More “ammunition” against anti-governmental, anti-illegal-war-in-the-Middle-East types.

    As, ever there’s Cameron telling us to sit down and be quiet like obedient dogs while he and his puppeteers take care of business. What a load of shite. By the way, his surname is possibly derived from a Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) nickname meaning “crooked-nose (cam – ‘crooked’ sròn – ‘nose’). How very fitting. 😉

    I was a bit ambivalent about Varg’s assertion that we should kick back and watch the cities burn, but after giving it some thought I agree with him. That said, I do respect the “Nationalist thugs” who’re trying fight off the sea of shitskins and prevent further damage. The people need to be shocked out of their stupor, though, and the riots might be the perfect catalyst, so attempting to quell them might only work against our interests. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see the noisome cities burn? I wouldn’t mind seeing Glasgow in the form of burnt rubble, I know that much. Shitehole that it is. Also, I know a lot of serving police officers are just people trying to do some good in a thoroughly rotten world, I appreciate that. Though, at the same time, I scorn them for paying any heed to the orders of their Zionist masters. I hope they realise that if they really want to do some good they should form some “extremist” ideals and try to spread the truth to those around them, futile as it may prove.

    The complete rejection of truth never ceases to confound me. When proof isn’t good enough, what more can you do? I long for the day these Jews, their schools of thought, their Muslim pets, absolutely everything, are/is destroyed, killed and cast out and we can once again restore our beautiful European house.

  2. Very good article!
    I really apreciate your energy and your will to write such good documented articles. Sadfuly, pretty often I can;t say many things on the subject because I am just too litle documented on it. But I feel that it’s right and of course, in time, I will dedicate much more to study it thoroughly.
    I met severeal muslims who although spap upon by jews behave in the same “multicultural” way. They said to me that “jews are not a problem, jews are good people; only Zionists are bad !”.
    So I imagine not only Europeans, who are stabbed from behind are brainwashed…

    Knowing your good tastes in literature and music I want you to recommend few serious books on WWII if you please, which I certainly will read in due time.
    Good night my friend and thank you again for comprehensive reading!

    • David Irving is a very valuable source, he treats history seriously, by citing sources and evidence, not books that other people have written which in turn cite books written by other people and bla bla bla…(which is the accepted way that history and academia in general is written). His books can be hard or expensive to come by, but you can find mos tor all of his books on his website for free download: http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/index.html

      I imagine David Duke’s books are worth reading too, and James Bacque has written a couple of books on Allied war crimes against Germans, one of which, Other Losses, I intend to get soon (that’s about the murder of German prisoners)

      I’d really like to find a decent book on the expulsion of Germans too….I think I did see one on amazon, but could not be sure how serious or in-depth it was…

      Look into Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel and Dominique Venner too, I am assuming they have all written something on it, whether or not you will find English translations is another question (should not be too hard with Zundel). There is also the Leuchter report of course, which Faurisson may have been involved with…you can download the Leuchter report on amazon.

      I book I have had for years is Amongst the Dead Cities, by an English atheist philosopher, focusing on area bombings of Germany and Japan. So at least he discusses it properly, from an ethical perspective, I never finished it though so am not sure what conclusions he reached. I can also recommend a couple of books on Japan if you are interested in that side….Herbert Bix has written about how much of a sham the aftermath was and how Hirohito was portrayed as an “innocent puppet”

      Also look for the book Gray Wolf (or Grey Wolf), about Hitler’s possible escape to Argentina. The writer clearly believes the Holocaust happened unfortunately….I have not started reading it yet but maybe this bias makes it worth a look, if a supporter of the Allies can admit that the official stories regarding the whereabouts of the Nazis could be wrong…

      Check my blog for reblogged posts about Nazis, e.g. Hess, and follow the Destroy Zionism, Justice for Germans and Neues Europa:




  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Always confront the Left with the fact that Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism necessarily have similarities: No Jews in SW Asia vs. No Jews anywhere. When tarnishing their enemies, ANY similarity with Hitler is damning according to the Left. The hypocrites even admit that Left-Antisemitism exists, so why only attack “racists” and “fascists”. Is it ony a tiny minority of “racists” or “fascists” who cause trouble? Do moderate “racists” or “fascists” exist? Is flaying animals alive in the fur industry worse than the holocaust? Should the Left turn the other cheek, like “Jesus” demanded? Anyway, Paganism as well teaches the existence of eternal punishment after death.

    • You’re right, I will also be quick to point out to anyone that “antisemitism” is very vague, they just prove their ignorance by making “semite” synonymous with “Jew” (because the “anti-racists” don’t really care about Muslims, only worthless dregs of Muslims countries that live in Europe…)

      However, paganism does not really teach that, except in the specific cases where eugenics are not only ignored but actively rebelled against, which is the case with Jews. Good muslims in their own countries do exist, largely because, unlike Jews, they punish criminals instead of rewarding them. Also, as Varg’s articles on paganism state (and his comments on them) the “bad stuff” is left behind according to paganism, this is where ghosts and spectres come from, they’re the shadows that the purified spirit leaves behind. Reincarnation is real, inherited pride and culture are real, but inherited guilt and shame are not, except where race mixing is concerned

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