Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal & Murder

An eye-opening but not at all surprising account of the death of one of the most decent, devoted and honourable men in the Third Reich. I am sure that we enlightened types all now already that most or all of the leading Nazis, Hitler aside, where actually murdered by the Allies.

"Neues Europa"

By Abdallah Melaouhi


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Most of you may already know the story of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s right-hand man, and how he flew off to England to make peace with the British. His plane, of course, crashed in Scotland and he was made a prisoner of the Allies. Hess was immediately locked up and kept in solitary confinement nearly the rest of his life. What truths about the war did Rudolf Hess possess that were of such danger to the Allies?

As for me, I worked as a male nurse caring for Rudolf Hess from August 1, 1982 until his murder on August 17, 1987 at the Allied Military Prison in Spandau. On the day of Mr. Hess’s death, I commenced my duties, which involved caring for my patient, as usual, at 6:45 a.m. I assisted him with showering and dressing, and was present when he ate a meal…

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2 thoughts on “Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal & Murder

    • Yes 😦 And his seeming “betrayal” tore Adolf apart as well, it’s really sad….Someone so unwaveringly devoted to Hitler would have done it for the right reasons.

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