Pax Europaea

Although we, the less ignorant and self-absorbed of us anyway, are aware that the world has been in a perpetual state of warfare since the Second World War (which has constantly involved either the USA or Britain, often both), we are made to believe that as Europeans we have nothing to complain about really, apart from taxes, inflation and global warming, and that as “developed” countries we should consider us selves so lucky in comparison to war-torn countries in the middle-east and Africa. We live in a glorious time of peace, apparently, which we should cherish….and if anyone bucks the pacifist trend, they get a disapproving look, and remarks such as “remember Hitler”, “remember what those millions died for in the war”, or simply accusations of “fascism” and “incitement of racial hatred”.


This is all a part of the Marxist scam of course – children in schools are taught that “everyone is a winner”, “nobody loses”. Competition is seen as wrong, unhealthy and dangerous by our brainwashed Zion-lackeys who we foolishly allow to teach our children when a matter of decades ago they would have ended up in prison or doing hard labour because of their cowardice. Varg Vikernes discusses this huge problem excellently in the following article:


Yes, competition is seen as wrong, conflict is seen as wrong, even if the alternative is stagnation, depression and enslavement. Our indoctrinated, degenerate and just hopeless fellow Europeans are tricked into sterilizing themselves with the idea that the totally natural and fundamental process of mating and reproduction is a “social expectation” and a “social construct” and that it is actually perfectly healthy to mix with other races, go through a chain of short lived meaningless relationships, or even to just live on your own out of choice, but we should be grateful for this, of course! This is the “liberal” post-war era, we don’t have to put up with horrible fascists, nazis and the evil bourgeoisie anymore; everyone is equal, liberated all thanks to our “brave” Western leaders, and things should and will stay this way, don’t worry! Yeah right…


These days thanks to degenerate, hedonistic hippie losers, the “peace” sign is used all the time. It’s “cool” to both say and show your appreciation for peace and this wonderful, “culturally rich” modern world we live in, where everyone lives together just fine. Young people in Japan especially have this embarrassing herd mentality of raising an obligatory V sign whenever they pose for photographs. Next time someone gives me the peace sign, though, I’ll show them the other V gesture instead…These so-called “pacifists” who claim to support world peace, diversity, to love all cultures and races show that they are just ignorant and brainwashed, or, among older generations at least, that they in fact stand for none of these things, that they show their despicable hypocrisy by mimicking the hand gesture popularized by one of the Second World War’s worst war criminals.


554px-Girls_giving_peace_sign,_Tokyo     462px-Churchill_V_sign_HU_55521

Anyone with an awareness of modern history, if nothing else, knows that Churchill”s V stands for victory, not peace, and furthermore specifically victory against Germany and its “evil Axis” buddies, not victory for Europe, or for humanity. It is of course especially tragic that Americanized and brainwashed you Japanese folk use this gesture all the time that was popularized by one of the figures responsible for the mass murder of their countrymen. Churchill never stood for peace, of for the interests of Europe or even Britain. Britain never needed nor wanted war with Germany. Despite the many crimes the nazis were too responsible for, especially against the Slavs, even the “most evil man of the 20th century” Adolf Hitler worked a lot more to keep peace than this figurehead of pacifism Churchill ever did, as this excellent, if dully dubbed, video shows:


This hypocrisy of the pseudo-pacifist Allied leaders, that dragged the world into war so they could obliterate their political (and anti-Zionist) rivals in Germany, Japan and to a lesser extent Italy, is no different from the hypocrisy and true face showed by our “liberal”, “peacekeeping” pro-Israel politicians now. The words “Israel” and “peace” never belong in the same sentence. Israel will never bring peace, has never given anybody else peace, and what’s more, peace is the last thing we want anyway. How long will it take for our once proud people to wake up and turn this fragile, “Pax Europaea” on its head, to turn this cold war, this stealth war, into a pro-European, and pro-diversity war? The Nazis, following the appeasement “crisis”, were tested and tested by Poland, France and Churchill’s Britain, until, like the crippled, isolated Japanese, they were forced into fighting a war. Who can we blame for the millions of Europeans who died in a senseless who no-one gained anything at all from apart from the Allied leaders and the Jews? The Nazis? The Japanese empire? Of course not! Just as our politicians now invade countries either in response to Zionist false-flag operations or by blatantly illegal means, supply arms and “aid” to terrorists in Syria, Libya and before to the Muslim and Turkish terrorists in Chechnya and Bosnia, and murder the leaders of these countries when they feel like it, as was the case with Gaddafi, the Allied leaders, who had already stolen land off Germany to give to Poland and France, bankrupted and leeched off Japan and Germany than drove them to warfare to take what little was left. This is our our world leaders behave now to any countries Israel views as a threat, or any country Israel just feels like stealing, and in the meantime they tell us that everything will be fine, sit back and watch the garbage on TV, keep up-to-date with the state-owned/Israel-owned media because the “world police” forces of the UN and NATO will take care of everything. There’s not really a war on they say, while they fund fanatical terrorist groups to overthrow secular anti-Israel governments.


Wake up Europe – this is not really an era of peace, just a never-ending cold war that directly followed the second world war. They will not let us have peace, and we do not want it either, not yet: they must pay for their crimes, and we will not rest until our culture and homelands are given back to US, the real Europeans.


“Peace” today is a scam, just like democracy. Know your enemies:


462px-Churchill_V_sign_HU_55521    David_Cameron_official    CroppedStalin1943    Defense.gov_photo_essay_110325-D-XH843-010  President_Barack_Obama


11 thoughts on “Pax Europaea

  1. Few days ago, the last piece of the Berlin Wall was selled to a Jew who wanted to pull it off and build something new there. The Wall is portected as historical monument, thus it is perfectly illegal that our politicians sold the wall with the promise that this Jew is allowed to tear it down and everyone knows that a protected monument isn’t allowed to be changed in any way; it’s not a secret, it’s common knowledge. Now our money taxes are given to this Jew as remuneration because our politicians gave him an illegal permission. This all happened last week.
    It couldn’t be more obvious what this all is about.

    • Indeed, any monuments to the suffering they put us through do not stay up for long, if at all. I did read about it, did they take down all of it? I cannot remember how much was left standing, as I went to Berlin, and saw the portion of the wall.

      Next they’ll demolish buildings like the Stasi prison and pretend that didn’t happen either, meanwhile they’ll probably continue to rebuild or even completely invent new concentration (or “extermination”) camps…

  2. Japanese still have peace because they haven’t been forced to live in multiculturalism, but in here it’s harder because you can’t be really peaceful when negroes are raping you’re country. Also japanese should drop the porno and other sick stuff just like europeans should.

    • Sorry Sami, must have missed this. Yes that is true to some extent, despite extensive westernization Japan is still very racist, and white Japanophiles I know (I used to study Japanese) whine about it. I say good for them. It’s a shame they also feel that way about other Asians, though.

  3. I don’t get it, why everyone blindly hates Hitler but in other hand they fascinate guys like Genghis Khan who conquered places and killed innocent people, like how christians killed the europeans, native americans, south africans and native australians, it sickens me.

    • You as a Sami should be proud of Mongols as a people. Their leaders were hideous though. How hideous Gengis was, I don’t know…as he wasn’t a Muslim I think, though was open to the ideas of both Christian and Muslim priests, I read. People are interested in them because they were excellent horsemen and successful conquerors, but I agree, we should not forget how much they threatened Europe as well…Though the Mongols did far less damage to Europe than the Ottoman Turks did.

      • Well parts which my mongol ancestors were part is scandinavia > russia > mongolia > china and then from middle-east to europe, i don’t really have anything to do with america and other asian countries. 😀

      • You confuse me here, you recognize your origins in Mongolia (on your Asian side) but say you have no interest in it? Mongolians like native Americans have a very similar tribal “shamanic” culture to that of the Sami ans Siberian Mongolians. Mongolians were originally a tribal nomadic people, even we Europeans can find a lot in common with them, as with the native Americans, because of this Neanderthal heritage. Just because their mainly Islamic empire was horrible does not mean they lack a valuable culture. Also, Mongolian throat singing is beautiful.

      • Of course i’m interested in Mongolia. 😀 I mean if we look how the different mongols went is that sami people didn’t go to america or japan or hawaii or vietnam and so on, so my ancestors haven’t really been there even though technically they are the same race..

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