The New Dark Ages

As if the world is not miserable enough because of economic and political enslavement and Zionism, we truly are in another Dark Age, and our offspring in centuries to come, if we make it that far, will look back on this period as we look back on the later medieval period.

We have had our moments of catharsis, sometimes this manage to last a good two or three of centuries  as the Renaissance did, and the Norwegian black metal scene in the early ’90s, while it lasted, could even be seen as one of the moments in which honourable, proud Europeans opened their eyes and broke free from the shackles of Zionism. But the same Zionists – Christians, communists, Marxists, socialists, feminists, “liberal” minded pseudo-intellectuals, our politicians – who put us in out miserable state in the first place, soon notice these glitches in their failed plan of their idea of a utopia of mongrels, Jewish supremacy, greed and multi-culturalism, or what they like to call “diversity”…yeah right…When they notice they soon bastardize everything of value to us.

Just as paganism was warped almost beyond recognition (almost – they failed,) to fit in with the desert cult spreading to the political and intellectual elites of Europe, now history and science are warped beyond recognition by Jews, or more often their lackeys obsessed with political-correctness, “equality” (i.e. Marxism, or putting everyone on the same level to make them easier to control), and with the hate campaign against Europeans, or even against anyone who is not Jewish, black or mixed-race as a result of our wonderful, “multi-cultural” modern world. We are in a new age of ignorance and the worst one yet ever since the Jews/Christians conquered Europe (infected or tricked would be a more appropriate term, as true conquerers act honourably and with honesty). Our ancestors had the excuse of being bullied through fear campaigns, torture and mass murder into converting to Christianity, and their descendants born and raised in a Christian environment could not know better – they did not have the access to facts, to evidence, that we do now.

Yet even when evidence stares us in the face – of Neanderthal ancestry, of the difference between races and cultures (the “diversity” they claim to support while they try to get everyone to breed together and integrate…the usual superb display of logic there), of countless atrocities committed by the Jews and their lackeys, as well as clear evidence that should raise serious doubts about the official claims regarding the systematic intensive extermination of Jews by the Nazis – they pretend the evidence is not their, send us to prison for unearthing it, and when they cannot ignore it, they simply twist it and layer it in communist rhetoric.

Modern science is an insult to real science, to what our pagan ancestors and the people of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment held dear, an insult to the discipline they followed in life and in their research. Despite lacking the detailed understanding of nature and existence on a physical and chemical level, even our “savage” ancestors made serious attempts to understand the environment and the cosmos, and they succeeded in many ways, as the mythology shows (see Thulean Perspective posts by Varg Vikernes in the links for more on this). Modern scientists, the better ones at least, such as Richard Dawkins, may be praised to their criticism of the murderous, child abusing, misogynist Abrahamic cults, but they conveniently avoid any criticism of the root of the problem: Judaism, and still believe in, or claim to believe in for the sake of their scientific careers, the Out of Africa theory and the standard, fallacious theories officially accepted by the nihilist Zionists.

True science is mostly dead. Our future hopefully more enlightened offspring will laugh and sneer at the people of our era.

History, archeology and anthropology are no different. We are now not allowed to be proud of or even show a keen interest in our culture and history as a direct result of the huge blunder by the not really pro-European Nazis and the alleged Holocaust which suspiciously no-one profited from more than the Jews, now invulnerable (or so they think) because of the endless guilt trip they take Europeans on. Anyone who does show any European pride is immediately branded a “nazi”, a horrible, demonic, dreaded “racist” and “anti-semite”, and will inevitably lose any job that they have, and most likely go to prison. What a wonderful “liberal” world of “democracy” and “equality” we live in…

This is also true when anyone tries to correct or even simply question or discuss history, David Irving and Robert Faurisson being excellent examples of this. Anyone who claims that Jews poisoned our wells and caused the black death is supposedly a “conspiracy theorist”, one of those crazy inbred hicks wearing tin foil hats, and whenever anyone goes near the second world war and Nazism – the biggest event for centuries, that we should be able to talk about like adults – in a less conventional way, they are fired from their jobs and often taken to court, and any academics who do this (who should have the power to do this and examine the evidence) are discredited and lose their posts. To them, the zionists, and their delusional, corrupt lackeys, holocaust revisionists are just “holocaust deniers”, there can be no questioning of their sacred history, and anyone who questions any part of it is simply fabricating history (which they should be familiar with).

In archeology evidence if often tampered with or even destroyed if it is not compatible with the politics, and though anthropology was once a discipline that showed potential, as a serious study of culture that recognized differences, now it is supposed to be totally impartial, to see us all as the same, to respect all other cultures and all other human beings, even if those people rape their women and children and eat other human beings.

But things will change, the wave will spread from anonymous, untouchable bloggers and independent researchers on the internet to wider communities, to the point when  having a PhD in science, history or whatever, when having what it takes to be accepted into their hallowed, zionist community, to be accepted as a politically-correct TV historian or popular scientist, will mean nothing, and a Second Renaissance will come. We must not cripple, we most not give up, we must not give in to pessimism and become as nihilistic and grim as the world around us. That is what they want.