Born in winter

An ironic title for my first and brief post, as I was born in June, but it is around this cold, barren and indeed “dead” time of year that I strangely feel more closely in touch with my ancient roots, and re-embrace the culture – literature, art, history, myths, philosophy – of our ancient European forefathers, the Norsemen especially. Also, I hate summer, and feel the frosty and, on lucky years, snowy season of winter is where I belong…

In my mid-teens I suppose I awakened some sort of inner “pagan pride” while becoming increasingly interested in the Norwegian black metal movement and its music, philosophy and the atmosphere it conjures up, and as a result of this, despite being English,  have come to view the Norsemen as my real forefathers, partly because all Germanic people have the same roots anyway, and partly because, like the Baltic states,  they resisted the tidal wave of Christianity for centuries longer than my Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ancestors, so I view them as tougher “pagan warriors” I guess. Also, most of what is known about this culture comes from the languages and the Norse Eddas, so what I know about Germanic culture is mostly specifically Nordic, and I see no reason to change this.

So the focus of this blog of mine is primarily on my dwellings on and interpretations of this culture through my independent studies of it, as well as my views on fantasy fiction and black/”pagan” or “viking” metal in relation to the ideas and attitudes of these true, uncorrupted Europeans. I will try to not ramble on about the vikingr from too romantic a perspective, as they were generally savage times, but I could not be more proud of the deep links I have with this tragically misunderstood, forgotten culture fictionalized and demonized by the plague that is Judeo-Christianity.

So when I feel I have something interesting and relevant to say, after staring into “Mimir’s well” of ancient knowledge, and when I have time outside of my university studies, I will be posting on here again in the future!


3 thoughts on “Born in winter

  1. Very nice! I Also love the cold, dark winter more than the heat of summer. Maybe its part of evolutuion, entering a New ice time. Maybe because we feel another connection…
    Just when i look on some pictures of cold winter i feel like coming home…

    • My feelings exactly! Though a harsh winter does get exhausting eventually…I think we just naturally long for each season at its peak…the norm here in England though is disappointing summers and winters that are not really winters until January…

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